How much I feel each day of my worked. Some day is fantastic and other day I go mad, but I enjoyed doing it. Although I am very tired and exhsusted, but at the end of the day happy to see the design finished nicely. The most important thing in my life must have good music surrounding me. Music brings good inspiration to my design.

I enjoyed all these years doing my creative artwork. It is not a matter of making lots of money. It is something that turned out beautiful, and it takes time to finished it.

Most of the creative designs is unique piece, that’s way taking so much time to finished 1 design. 1st design usually is considered as a prototype design pattern that go according to the design order. Designer and Pattern Maker is not the same field in industrial work. Need alot technical hands worked on it. Once the design is completely, it will be 24 hours testing into the water. Some of the design is not for young kids.

The materials mainly comes from France, and some from other countries. The concept design must be unique, and it will never be more than 100 pieces. It is due to I am inventor and research each pattern into a new design. Sometimes taking some products and recycle it.

I am more in arts field, and knowing how to cook, cut, sew and fixing it. It is not difficult to do it. The shape and form comes in different style, and the colors with some printing, or hand painting is special accordingly to that design.

That is what we are… do the best of it…

Thank you for reading, and hope you gives little support.

Nothing More Nothing Less…. Alittle is good enought.

Your commends will be appreciated. Have a nice day, and take care yourself.

Introduce Myself as Petite Fille

Something to hear about me. I am proud of myself living and working in France, after a hard time studied in ESMOD PARIS. It wasn’t simple and easy, but glad I have a strict mother who always tell me what to do at early age. At the end, it is true all I had learned from her. My Father is modern thinking, but strict disclipine to me. I am the last daughter No.9 and one of the last pet in the family. I always take decision by myself, and studied in a Music School Yamaha Electone. I loved so much music and dancing, so it is not diffcult touching an organ with so many pedals. I am not a good writer cause I loved more in technical worked. I was a teacher worked for American International School in Balikpapan Indonesia. As an educator for young kids, there are so many things to teach them. At the end, I am just like their mother. This is how the students loved me. I had worked for electronics companies, and than to office documentary. I gained so much experinced, and enjoyed travelling many countries. I am looking forwards and keep my concentration in design and pattern maker. As we says…Talk Less and Do it.

Jolie Fleur ..Toujour L’amour

After few weeks in Egypt travelled here and there..only marks of mosquitoes bisous on my legs. From Tanta, Aswan, Kommobo and now back to Cairo. Cario is one of my best place, maybe due I was born in a tiny island in Singapore but many years in France. Paris is one of the capital city for Fashion. I am glad with this Covid.19 I am able to travel around, but wearing a mask and keep hygiene is important. I enjoyed in most of the hotels espescially 4 seasons abd Sheraton Hotel. I am glad I bring along my left over Bio Linen Yarns with me. Knowing that I will be bored at night once the shops, cafe area closed at 10pm night. So sitting in the room facing the road. I can create things anywhere, anytime, any places. If I able to get some tiny stuff to worked on it. Most women loved perfume and of course french or italian perfumes well known. This perfume no alcohol on it, and got it from egypt. Pure sweet fragrance chosen by me. Some of the arabian fragrance very nice, and I loved fragrance for men. I loved pure without alcohol on it, as it will not damaged my expensive yarn collections. This sample is not for sale. Is to make it to give away to someone who had helped me in cario. Infact, I had done some of it and gave away. The arab culture communications is not same from my country. Somehow to under you in clear sentencing will bring a good ending. As you said so often habibi but me I would says #bonhabibi πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’‹β˜οΈ only. Lotus hotel has the best servicing. Hgyiene comes first. Health is Wealth.

Petite Fleur to be Unique for You.

6 years passed so fast. Invited to your home again and partly to see something else. I was surrounded by his mother, brother and sisters. After a fresh shower we sat in the room talk again. I continue making a Small Flower made by hands using the best French Linen Yarns. Adding some drop of sweet fragrance smell from Syrie Perfume. A gift to you to remember your brother Tito Eslam. Made in kom om bo Egypt. I hope you study continue be a doctor. You can never find in Aswan or Cairo. 🧑🧑🧑😜

Petite Fleurs Design is created and Made in France.

A new concept design for accessories which can be used in many things. But most of the material need to be tested once completely finished. The composition has to be mentioned, and clear details to protect the design item last longer.

The colors can be many type of yarns material, and some is using Bio Yarns especially is something special. Yarns can be coming from France, Egypt, Turkey, India, China and Australia.

  1. How many meter of yarn to make 1 Petite Fleur?.
  2. How long to finished 1 fleur design?.
  3. What can be used on this fleur item accessories.